If you never experienced riding animals on their backs then you might find the following tips pretty challenging. The ability to mount a horse is a skill valued highly in many cultures across societies. This is due to the fact that equines are work animals whose contribution to human civilization is well established. It is said that human civilization was rapidly catalyze after people learned how to domesticate animals and use them to assist in vital preoccupations such as farming, food production, and invasion. Equines are important war animals and no successful civilization has ever waged war without the aid of these magnificent creatures. The status of these animals can be gleaned in the way civilization has put premium on the horse as a symbol. The ability to successfully mount a horse and move while mounted is not only a survival skill but a military skill which some cultures consider as a basic test separating the men from the boys. How do you go about with your first ride? 1. Creating an emotional bond. The first thing you need to do is to create a mental bond. Horse whisperers are pretty good in this regard. What most people do not know is that success in horse riding is not really a matte of equipment but the ability to communicate properly with the animal. Equines are naturally cautious due to the simple fact that they are prey animals. However, they are also highly social animals that usually take behavioral cues from the leader of the herd. Once the animal has recognized the owner as capable of control obedience follows naturally. 2. Avoid inflicting pain. You can apply bits to train your horse to obey motion signals but as much as possible try not to inflict pain. Horses are not used to being dominated. You may entice them to obey you upon the application of slight painful strikes but you will never get their loyalty this way.